Tuesday 15th March, 2005
Easter is coming up and I had a chat with my girlfriend about it. I'm planning a trip to my dad's over Easter and trying to get my family over there too. With in-law commitments and stuff, we didn't really get much time together at Christmas and so Easter is always the next best chance for us. Xmas with family, Easter with in-laws or vice-versa.

My girlfriend explained to me that her family never really do anything at Easter but they ALWAYS...repeat ALWAYS do Christmas together. She doesn't mind if I feel the need to go to my family for xmas, but she will always be going home.

Interestingly, she spent last xmas on a round-the-world trip...but that doesn't count...she was out of the country. Neither does the New York trip with her friend 2 years earlier as again she was out of the country.

So her rules are that she spends at least every other xmas with her family and that if she's in the country she'll always be there.

I don't mind this year, I spent last xmas with my family anyway...but Xmas 2006 is sure going to be a fun one.

What do you guys do with this kinda situation around holidays? What's your solution for Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving type situations? I'm currently planning to spend Xmas 2006 with my family...overseas ;O)

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