Wednesday 4th May, 2005
So who are my UK readers going to vote for tomorrow?

I urge you all to go out and vote...especially the Labour voters. The last thing we want to see is Michael Howard in residence at No.10.

When Michael Howard last faced a leadership election he came fifth. There were five candidates.

Yes when they last had the chance to vote for him, the people who know him best decided that he was:

  • less appealing than John Redwood
  • less of a fresh face than Kenneth Clarke
  • less moderate than Peter Lilley
  • and less likely to win an election than William Hague.
So don't stand back and let the Tories win by accident. If it hadn't been for people who cared taking the trouble to vote, we would never have had the minimum wage, would never have had the NHS and John McCririck  might have won Celebrity Big Brother.

Vote Labour on Thursday May 5th

Promoted by Ben Rose, Communications Officer, on behalf of Runnymede & Weybridge Constituency Labour Party, 36 Guildford Street Chertsey KT16 9BE

  1. 1) Chaz Said: (04/05/2005 13:50:49 GMT) Gravatar Image

    .. or vote for an honest Prime Minister and put your [X] in the box for Lib Dems!

  2. 2) greg Said: (04/05/2005 18:26:04 GMT) Gravatar Image

    totally agree. we dont want another michael 'winner', one is enough!

  3. 3) Ports Said: (04/05/2005 23:18:45 GMT) Gravatar Image

    Lib Dems for me. Living in Richmond upon Thames a vote for anyone else lets the Tory scum in.

  4. 4) Dave Harris Said: (05/05/2005 06:41:20 GMT) Gravatar Image

    Ex- pat, but previously registered in Putney (2001: Tony Colman, Lab). Didn't get my overseas registration sorted out (I thought I'd be back in the UK) and my old flat has been bull-dozed, so I'm no longer registered in the UK. I would be voting Labour otherwise.

    Long day ahead of you Ben, pace yourself

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