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Wednesday 1st June, 2005
Having discussed my last blog entry with my boss, we've at least agreed that the user base dependency on unread marks is highly related to the prevalence of badly managed mailboxes.

So, outstanding task number 492 on my To Do list is now to create a Best Practice guide to using email, particularly in the Lotus Notes area. Does anybody have such a guide that like to share?

I'll publish the final results here.

  1. 1) Gerco Wolfswinkel Said: (01/06/2005 16:07:56 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Email - Best Practice

    What I've noticed at several companies, is that mailbox management is often tied to document management. You have got to provide your endusers with a meaningful and (preferrably) easy way to store important communications (mails, attachments etc) in a document management repository somewhere, or they will keep it all in their mailfile. Or store it somewhere else if their mailfile grows too large, like in an archive database on a local harddrive. Which of course isn't backed up :-)

  2. 2) Anthony Miller Said: (28/06/2005 20:02:27 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Email - Best Practice

    We have the same issue here at EFCO. Even with a document manangement system in place (we use a product from Magellan-Gauss) if you don't have clearly defined procedures in place the user community will use e-mail as their document management.

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