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Monday 23rd May, 2005
Coming up to the final stages of my Email Archiving project at work having reviewed all 3 short-listed products. These are, in no particular order, EMC Legato Email Extender, IBM Commonstore for Lotus Notes and ArcaTrust.

I've got a favourite in mine already but need to confirm pricing, cost of deployment etc before making a final decision.

If anybody has any details on the products above, share them with me either by posting a comment, or if you'd prefer via private email

I'm aware that there are many other products available, but these are the ones we shortlisted based on UK availability, Language (character set) requirements and existing supplier arrangements.

  1. 1) Colin Williams Said: (24/05/2005 00:59:55 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Email Archiving

    Really keen to hear how you get on here - I've got this coming up on my radar later in the year and any kind of heads up will be a huge help!

  2. 2) Chris Linfoot Said: (24/05/2005 10:01:07 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Email Archiving

    Me too.

  3. 3) Tony Kelleran Said: (24/05/2005 17:07:59 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Email Archiving

    As do I...which product are you leaving toward?

  4. 4) Rene Said: (30/05/2005 11:42:07 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Email Archiving

    Hi, there..

    We tested Legato EX and Arcatrust. As Arcatrust is more Notes-based I'd suggest this one. (in case your organisation doesn't exceed about 1000 employees)

    EX is good for Journaling but not for user based archiving. Also, we got trouble with the index files which are held in a M$ SQL database.

    A problem with Arcatrust is data migration to cheaper storage media. The best is to have a Hummingbird system which is compatible.

    We also consider to test easyNotes ({ Link } ) which is compatible with our DMS from easy software.

  5. 5) Brad Said: (13/06/2005 15:05:10 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Email Archiving

    There is a really great product from an independant company in Austria. I have tested their exchange e-mail archiving solution "exchange@PAM" and will probably purchase. The only comparable product was from KVS, but it cost 55% more! I am not sure what they offer for notes. I was not impressed with legato's solution or GFI

  6. 6) Neil Gower Said: (02/08/2005 14:55:27 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Email Archiving

    Just to throw another solution into the mix, we looked and had decided on Ixos (before the project was canned due to lack of money !!), { Link } as we were looking for a strong Domino solution (inlcudes domino.doc and supports lotusscript), and one that could be expanded to manage all our content archiving needs.

  7. 7) Stefan Clas Said: (08/11/2005 16:52:41 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Email Archiving

    Hi, my Name is Stefan Clas.

    Im your kontact for arcaTRUST.

    If you need information about arcaTRUST, so send me a mail to with your adress

    an questions.

    Cu Stefan Clas

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