Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Thursday 3rd March, 2005
It's funny how things work out. After my car accident I was given a loan car by my insurer for 14days whilst the claim was all sorted out. This was all complimentary will my policy. I was told my local Enterprise office would call me within half an hour to arrange it all.

They did, just over half an hour later but perfectly reasonable response and in the end I was loaned a small 1.0l Vauxhall Corsa. Not the best car in the world, especially having just lost a £25k full specced 3.2litre V6 Golf but it would get me from A to B at the speed limit so perfectly good enough. Cheap and cheerful, it drove like a million miles on a tank of fuel and had power steering a CD player and electric windows...what more could a man want? OK, maybe the new Lexus RX-300 I've ordered...but that's another story.

Anyway, when I signed the papers for the car, they insisted...repeat insisted...on taking 3 phone numbers for me..."just in case". I gave them my cellphone number an office number and refused to give them any others so gave them an old disconnected number.

End result...my office IT Helpdesk got a phone call today from a call centre doing a survey on behalf of Enterprise rent-a-car. It's funny, when I gave the car back I said how happy I was with the service and that I would use Enterprise again. But the moment they ring me on "emergency" numbers to give me crap telephone surveys they get blacklisted. Beware what numbers they give out...no surprise that the "enterprise (at) jaffacake.net" email address has already been spam listed ;O)

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