F1 - Ban the Blue Flags

Monday 27th June, 2011
During the time where it was difficult to pass in Formula One races, they introduced the blue flags. This allowed the leading drivers to pass the tail-enders unobstructed.

As soon as the leading driver, e.g. Vettel, catches up the last place car to lap him, the slower car gets a blue flag waved and has a compulsory obligation to pull over or get a penalty. Some drivers yield better than others and it can cause a bit of controversy when friendly teams seem to let by some drivers easier than non-friendly teams.

But why have a blue flag any more?

We now have DRS available during a race which means that if you're within one second of the car in front, you're allowed a significant speed boost. Any driver in a good car should easily be able to use this against cars he is lapping.

So I say, ditch the blue flags...force the leading driver to actually overtake cars and give those guys at the back a chance to defend their position. Whilst the leading drivers are struggling to pass, maybe it will allow the guys behind a little more time to catch up and lead to a closer race.

  1. 1) Paul McCulloch Said: (27/06/2011 10:15:31 GMT) Gravatar Image
    F1 - Ban the Blue Flags

    Where you listening to Martin Brundle on the BBC forum post race?

  2. 2) Sharon Said: (12/07/2011 20:15:08 GMT) Gravatar Image
    F1 - Ban the Blue Flags

    mate your a twat! celeb? haha

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