Fast Food

Tuesday 19th October, 2004
I'm sat here in front of my PC stuffing down a chinese take-out and I'm wondering if the myth is true about IT geeks and fast food....

Do you guys eat loads of food that's bad for you or is it just me???

  1. 1) Chaz Said: (19/10/2004 22:56:16 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Fast Food

    Yep. Geeks and cooking just don't seem to mix that well.

    Unless it's cooking up some sort of rocket fuel and/or new drug recipe.

  2. 2) RoboPope Said: (19/10/2004 22:58:19 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Fast Food

    Personally, I find I dont eat enough. Saying that I go through phases wwhere I eat healthily and then not. It depends on whats going on at work


  3. 3) Colin Williams Said: (19/10/2004 23:23:46 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Junk foodie

    I LOVE junk food (actually I just love food) - there is something about salty fried fast food that breaks down any desire to eat healthy - if not for the appalingly bad service that goes along with fast food, I'd surely eat it every day!

  4. 4) Colman Carpenter Said: (20/10/2004 08:24:59 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Not any more

    or at least not nearly as often. But marriage and kids does tend to change many thing, this included :) Also, I quite enjoy cooking so am happier to make myself a meal on the odd occasion I'm not cooking for four. Add an extra bit of flavour knowing you made it yourself from the raw materials...bit like constructing an application I suppose :)

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