First BBQ!

Thursday 13th July, 2006
The Weber gas grill was delivered in perfect condition in my arranged 5-8pm delivery slot. Big thanks to BBQWorld.

Image:First BBQ!

It tooks us a little while to build and so by the time we took the picture below, it was already getting dark. Still, day or night...this grill cooks just fantastic. Ribs, chicken drumsticks and kebabs were all cooked to perfection.

Highlight of the evening (other than the food/drink) was the Weber Barbecue Beeper Digital Thermometer. This is an awesome piece of modern technology. A wireless probe is inserted into the meat and you carry a wireless pager style receiver in your pocket. Once you've chosen the type of meat/fish/etc it selects a target temperature, e.g. chicken is 180F. When the food reaches 175F it beeps to let you know it's close and then at 180F the alarm goes off to remove the meat.

Even at the first attempt, this tool was nothing short of perfection. You just put the meat on, insert the probe, close the lid and then go for a drink. Around halfway you flip the stuff over and close the lid again. When the food is ready..beep beep beep beep. Brilliant!

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