Ford Focuses On Wind Power

Thursday 21st July, 2011
I was very pleased to learn, this week, that Ford are planning a third wind turbine at their site in Dagenham.

The site already has two small turbines which saves the plant approximately 2,500 tonnes in CO2 emissions each year but the newer, larger, turbine will double those saving to a massive 5,000 tonnes. In real-terms, this offsets enough carbon emissions to neutralise the CO2 output of an ocean going car carrier. For UK residents, this also means less demand on the National Grid and a significant reduction in pollutants from fossil fuelled power stations.

Ford expects the third turbine to bring the amount of electricity generated on site to 11.4 million units per year, enough to power around 3,500 homes or provide the forthcoming Ford Focus electric car with up to 50 million miles of charge!

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