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Friday 15th July, 2005
So, my dodgy mate Chaz pings me on IM and he tells me his buddy icons over on Dude Factory are now free. He knew very well that there was no way I was ever going to paypal him some cash for anything, let alone an avatar, but when he said the words Free Avatar then my brain got ticking.

So I can fill that little frame in my IM clients with something other than a soccer ball or a rubber duck? Wow, I'll get me one of these Free Avatar things...or better still I'll make one for my blog idol Mr. Brill.

So a few clicks later and I download my magical free avatar, a dude of Mr. Brill complete with cellphone and tourist guide book...unfortunately the Dude Factory was all out of earbuds ;O)

Image:Free Avatars

  1. 1) Ed Brill Said: (15/07/2005 19:18:49 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Free Avatars

    slow Friday, eh?

    What's with the parrot and rainbow???

  2. 2) Wild Bill Said: (23/07/2005 21:40:46 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Free Avatars

    So which one is Ed's evil twin - Mr Lepowsky ? The parrot or the statue ?

    ---* Bill

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