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Wednesday 18th January, 2006
I thought it was time for a quick FAQ post. As my blog readership increases, it seems I keep getting asked the same questions over again on IM and in emails. So here's an answer to a few of them.

Q: Why do you blog? Is it for money? Are you paid to write entries? Looking for work? Or are you just a saddo geek?
A: I've never been paid for blog, you'll see I don't even have any adverts on my site. I blog because I love to talk about my work and the IT and consumer electronics industries. My girlfriend and mates get bored to tears with my geek talk so this way I can talk about what's on my mind and be heard by people who actually want to listen. Incidentally, I'm always looking for a new job ;O)

Q: Are you going to Lotusphere 2006?
A: No I'm not - I couldn't get this signed off by my employer and the costs for a self-funded trip outweighed the benefits.

Q: Do you work for IBM/Lotus?
A: No I don't, I work for a global company that just happens to be a Lotus Notes customer. I used to work for Lotus Development UK but resigned back in 1999 when they announced relocation of my department to Dublin

Q: Where are you staying in Orlando?
A: I'm not going to Lotusphere.

Q: Are you anti-Microsoft?
A: Not at all, I'm actually very pro-Microsoft in many areas. For example I run IBM Lotus Domino exclusively on Windows platforms. This isn't because it's any more stable or performs better, but purely because it's easier to build Windows servers or get servers pre-installed with it. It's also generally easier to fix when it breaks for the average IT person who may not have skills in other OS platforms.

Q: Why do you dislike Outlook/Exchange so much?
A1: I don't dislike Outlook so much, it's just another email client. I do dislike the way it doesn't allow you to export address book contacts in any standard format e.g. vcard though. How can it import a vcard but not export one? Outlook can be used as a Lotus Domino client, which is a good option if you want a resiliant server back end.

A2: I dislike Exchange with a passion as it utilises a shared store for email. This means that should it get corrupted, all users are affected by the unavoidable downtime. Even something as simple as restoring a mistakenly deleted email isn't easy. I review products from a user's perspective and exchange isn't good for the user if you have problems.

Q: I registered for your UK Lotus Notes User Group but haven't received a response, why?
A:  No news is good news, coming soon...

Q: Is this Sonos music system you talk about really that good? Is it worth the $1000 start-up cost?
A: Yes, without a doubt. It has quite literally changed my daily life.

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