Gates - Further Vista Delays

Wednesday 12th July, 2006
"The next release of Windows could hit further delays, according to Bill Gates who conceded there's a 20 per cent chance Windows Vista won't arrive next January." - writes The Register.

"Further delays to Windows Vista will occur if beta testing throws up further bugs, Gates said. "We've got to get this absolutely right. If the feedback from beta tests show it is not ready for prime time, I'd be glad to delay it," he said."

Is it just me? Or is this getting beyond a joke?

Amusingly I played a trivia quiz last night and one of the questions played Madonna's "Ray of Light" asking which brand it featured in a commercial for? Now how long ago was that!

In other news MS have been granted the exclusive right to produce ECU devices for F1 cars in the 2008 season. This leads to so many possible headlines:

Schumacher crashes in final lap
Button on 3 reboot strategy for Silverstone

etc. etc.

  1. 1) Keith Said: (14/07/2006 13:16:12 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Gates - Further Vista Delays

    They're probably trying to perfect the advanced spyware (Windows Genuine Disadvantage) before they release it!

    Meanwhile, state of the art on Linux desktops can be seen here:

    { Link }

    (beware this is a 253Meg hi-res video download)

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