Geeky Star Wars Humour

Tuesday 24th May, 2005
I'm currently giving the FirM Notes User & Group management tool a good amount of testing before full deployment around Europe.

There's a certain amount of Humour when you move user Anakin Skywalker out of the OU Jedi and mail group Jedi Master and then over to Syth Lords OU/Group whilst renaming him to Darth Vader. Still, it all worked ok and no light sabers were required.

Incidentally, I saw Episode III last night - Spoiler Warning if you haven't seen it.

I thought it was a really good, enjoyable movie and worthy of a Star Wars title. Having seen Episode's 1-6 now, it has to be said that the newer ones just aren't as good as the old ones, or maybe I'm biased as I grew up with the old ones.

I eagerly awaited Episode III to see how well it led into Episode IV. I guess Mr. Lucas did a reasonable job to make continuity work and nothing seems to have been particularly wrong, the movie was just a bit different to how I expected and I would have ended it differently.

Padme being a weak pathetic pregnant woman was a bit sexist and daft, considering the strong leader she'd been previously. Also, Anakin's motives for turning to the dark side were a bit weak and he seemed to switch sides that little bit too quickly. Mace Windu (Samuel L Jackson)s also turned to the darkside in my opinion in his attempt to kill the Chancellor. This wasn't the Jedi way and I don't believe his character would have done that instead of sending him to trial.

I expected to see a lot more of Darth Vader considering all the promotion and marketing that contains him, maybe there could have been a last scene involving the Death Star which isn't really mentioned in the movie in any significant way.

I expected Leia and Luke to grow up in the movie and I really hoped the last scene would involve some cleaned up colour footage of Carrie Fisher recording the message for R2D2 to pass on to Obi-Wan Kanobe with a "Help're our only hope" being the closing words. This would then have been seen in Episode IV as a hologram message.

The only real continuity problem I see is with R2D2. He flies around a lot in Episode 3 yet in the later movies he is hoisted onto X-wings.

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