Geeky Star Wars Humour

Tuesday 24th May, 2005
I'm currently giving the FirM Notes User & Group management tool a good amount of testing before full deployment around Europe.

There's a certain amount of Humour when you move user Anakin Skywalker out of the OU Jedi and mail group Jedi Master and then over to Syth Lords OU/Group whilst renaming him to Darth Vader. Still, it all worked ok and no light sabers were required.

Incidentally, I saw Episode III last night - Spoiler Warning if you haven't seen it.

I thought it was a really good, enjoyable movie and worthy of a Star Wars title. Having seen Episode's 1-6 now, it has to be said that the newer ones just aren't as good as the old ones, or maybe I'm biased as I grew up with the old ones.

I eagerly awaited Episode III to see how well it led into Episode IV. I guess Mr. Lucas did a reasonable job to make continuity work and nothing seems to have been particularly wrong, the movie was just a bit different to how I expected and I would have ended it differently.

Padme being a weak pathetic pregnant woman was a bit sexist and daft, considering the strong leader she'd been previously. Also, Anakin's motives for turning to the dark side were a bit weak and he seemed to switch sides that little bit too quickly. Mace Windu (Samuel L Jackson)s also turned to the darkside in my opinion in his attempt to kill the Chancellor. This wasn't the Jedi way and I don't believe his character would have done that instead of sending him to trial.

I expected to see a lot more of Darth Vader considering all the promotion and marketing that contains him, maybe there could have been a last scene involving the Death Star which isn't really mentioned in the movie in any significant way.

I expected Leia and Luke to grow up in the movie and I really hoped the last scene would involve some cleaned up colour footage of Carrie Fisher recording the message for R2D2 to pass on to Obi-Wan Kanobe with a "Help're our only hope" being the closing words. This would then have been seen in Episode IV as a hologram message.

The only real continuity problem I see is with R2D2. He flies around a lot in Episode 3 yet in the later movies he is hoisted onto X-wings.

  1. 1) Ulrich "eknori" Krause Said: (24/05/2005 17:07:36 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Geeky Star Wars Humour

    The one thing I do not understand:

    In the last szene you can see a "DeathStar" (sorry, but I do not know the correct word; in german it is Todesstern ).

    Luke and lea are just born. Do they really need 19 years to complete the DeathStar ? How did the manage to build a new one between Episode IV and VI within a few month (?)

    IMHO it was worth spending the money for the cinema !! Good job, George ( and other staff )

  2. 2) Chris Whisonant Said: (10/06/2005 14:36:32 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Geeky Star Wars Humour

    @1 - About building a new death star, they really only had to rebuild parts of it. Sure it seems like it was completely blown away in IV, but the basic shell was actually still there. I think a few years probably passed between IV and VI so that Luke could learn the Force and LightSaber, etc...

    I thought it was awesome! I've seen it twice now and the second time I started hating Vader even more. Remember, Vader was in most of the movie - just not in the life suit.

    Interesting theory re: Mace turning to Dark Side. I don't think it was so much that as it was having the Dark Side cloud his judgement so much. Interesting that Anakin was OK with himself killing Dooku but not with Mace killing Sidious...

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