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Wednesday 1st September, 2004
Whilst researching Domino.doc, Quickplace etc. my brain remembered Groove Networks which was started by a load of former Iris developers sometime back when I was at LCS, I guess around '99. The reckoned Groove was good, I reckon they were just scared of getting their ass kicked by LCSUK in online Halflife deathmatch again :)

5yrs on and they're onto version 3 and I've decided it's time for a revisit. Would be great to hear from anyone who's got any exposure to the product.

  1. 1) Ben Poole Said: (06/09/2004 12:34:35 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Get Into The Groove

    I'm not aware of an Iris employee being involved with Groove other than the fact that Ray Ozzie, one of the creators of Lotus Notes, founded Groove Networks. Check out Volker's site for more on Groove, as he's written about it over the years:

    { Link }

  2. 2) Ben Rose Said: (06/09/2004 21:31:20 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Get Into The Groove

    You could be right, but this was the internal rumour I heard when at LCS. Perhaps someone else knows better.

    Does anyone know the product though? :O)

  3. 3) Ed Maloney Said: (08/09/2004 20:07:21 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Get Into The Groove

    About two years ago I saw a demo of Groove at a Boston Notes User Group meeting. Most disturbing was the fact that Microsoft had just bought a large part of the company. It was also admitted (off the record) that there will never be a Groove client for Linux. It appears to be Win32/.net only.

    I'm sure the product has improved since then, but performance of the demo we saw was pathetic... the hard drive never stopped grinding.

  4. 4) Steve Okhuysen Said: (16/09/2004 12:49:57 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Get Into The Groove


    I'm a presales consultant for Groove Networks Benelux.

    Actually I'm employed by SCS who's an exclusive VAR for Benelux.

    Except Ray Ozzie a few others have joined Groove Networks who were employed by Lotus before.

    If you know the concept of Groove and the initial thought behind Lotus Notes, this is not a rare evoluation.

    In fact, I started as a Domino Admin (and still am) in the company and adding Groove to my daily schedule (to put it that way) felt very natural.

    The fact Groove isn't thinking about a client for Linux is correct. Groove is built for a Microsoft environment and .Net only.

    Groove is a very good front-end for Microsoft Sharepoint for example.

    Kind regards,


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