Give Blood!

Thursday 7th July, 2005
I don't really wish to dwell on today's events in scum like this publicity is all they need.

All I ask is one thing...

We're not a third world nation, we're not short of cash and we don't need financial charity. What we do need is blood!

There are hundreds of casualties in the London area today and many will need surgery in the coming days. Vital blood supplies are going to take a major hit. Please, please, please....if you can...even if you've never done it before....GIVE BLOOD!

More information can be found on the National Blood Service's Website

  1. 1) Ulrich Krause Said: (07/07/2005 22:39:50 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Give Blood!


    i am with you and I know how one feels when a bomb explodes; I survived the bomb on the Oktoberfest (26.09.1980).

    I am donating blood on a regular basis since 1985; today i am not able to give blood because i am ill ( lung desease ).

    Today is a bad day, terror is back ...

    "thou shall not kill"; which part of the sixth commandmend ist to difficult to understand ?


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