Green Wedding Photography

Wednesday 3rd March, 2010
Spring is in the air, the sun is shining and it's that time of year where wedding fairs start to appear at all the local hotels. But what can you do to make your wedding a little more eco-friendly?

It's become a trend in recent times to put disposable cameras on the table at a wedding reception. This allows people around the room to take unique pictures of guest and angles you may otherwise miss. But, in 2010, film cameras feel a bit dated and the printed photographs that result aren't entirely convenient. On top of that, films mean chemicals and developing processes aren't regarded as entirely eco-friendly.

So what's an alternative?

Well, I was dropped an email by Jonathan from who does a pretty nice line in digital cameras for rental. This allows you and your guests to have all the benefits of digital photography with no risk of a personal camera being lost/stolen - all the rented units are fully insured. Afterwards, they will collect all the cameras and upload the pictures for you to a sharing website where all your guests can see them.

i think this is a great idea and far more attractive and Green than just dropping crappy film cameras on tables.

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