Groove & Workplace...non-identical twins?

Friday 28th January, 2005
It seems the Notes blogging community have started putting IBM & Groove in the same sentence again. Ben Langhinrichs reckons there's something going down between IBM and Groove. Richard Schwartz takes it one step further with a rumour of a takeover.

I actually looked quite closely into Groove for some time, blogging about this back in September,  but a couple of things put me off it in the end. One of them was having to roll-out another fat desktop product in this increasingly thin world.

Now I see the demonstrations of IBM Workplace Services Express and I think...hmmm...that's like Groove. You can snap tools in and out, like Groove. You can work offline and Groove. There's presence awareness Groove. It includes form Groove. You can access your Notes/Domino applications through it...ah, Groove doesn't do that!

To be honest, having now seen Workplace properly and looked very closely at the latest Groove release; I'd be VERY surprised if there wasn't some patent/copyright sharing going on here. Workplace basically does everything Groove does in a very similar way, it certainly offers everything I want from Groove but under the IBM/Lotus umbrella that I trust. I never thought I'd see myself in a postion to consider removing the Notes client from my user machines.

Whilst we're on the rumour mill, I personally think IBM should be buying RIM. The Blackberry product is selling fast despite very limited functionality out of the box. Combine this with some decent rich client functionality and we've got the future.

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