Hi Mom!

Friday 19th November, 2004
Well, I'd tried in vain to forget what day it happened, but a message from my Dad reminds me that today is 2yrs since my Mom died of cancer. It's still weird that she's gone, it's amazing that 2years have passed already, but the strangest thing is to get a txt message from my Dad about it!

How the world has progressed for my dad to send something so sensitive on an sms. For someone who's a self confessed techie geek I have mixed feelings. I'm happy to use electronic mediums etc. all day every day to talk about my feelings, but it just doesn't feel right from my dad. I guess nothing's going to feel right today though...

So, anyway, Hi Mom, welcome to my blog, thinking of you today...as always :~O)

  1. 1) Shep Said: (21/11/2004 17:10:04 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Hi Mom!

    Sorry mate, should have remembered.

    Amazed at your father's powers of SMS, the three Rose boys must be setting him some precedents! You wait till he is using WiFi.

    Take my advice mate, do NOT read anymore into the text than the fact that he had a great deal on his mind too. A phone call may well have been too much at that moment in time.

    Smile and remember things, like burning up your Mum's sporty red Mazda past the public school girls in Swinford!

    Good memories are better than anything else on this planet!

  2. 2) Nathan Said: (23/11/2004 18:12:38 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Hi Mom!

    Hi Ben,

    Your mum was one in a million. I count myself lucky to have known her. I think about her a lot too... I've written a song about her which will appear on my new album next year. I'm lucky in a way to be able to channel some of my grief through music. I hope it will help you too when you hear it.

    She's smiling down on you. I just know it my friend.



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