Home Audio - Update

Thursday 12th May, 2005
My plans to get an MP3 based home audio system are on hold.

Having read 5 or 6 reviews on the Creative Labs Soundblaster Wireless Music product (Google for "Soundblaster Wireless Music Review") I've discovered that whilst the product is fantastic in priniciple it seems to be a bit cheap in a few areas.

The RF remote apparently has very limited range and has problems getting through walls. The music system lags a bit at times and there can be a delay of 5 or 6 seconds between tracks and it can take up to NINE SECONDS for a chosen track to be found and begin playing. This is probably due to the device caching data to prevent playback interruption but, for a home music system, this just isn't good enough. Clearly this device just doesn't optimise bandwitch suitably.

Back to the drawing board. The Sonos is a great product but, unfortunately, it has a price to match.

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