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Thursday 12th May, 2005
My plans to get an MP3 based home audio system are on hold.

Having read 5 or 6 reviews on the Creative Labs Soundblaster Wireless Music product (Google for "Soundblaster Wireless Music Review") I've discovered that whilst the product is fantastic in priniciple it seems to be a bit cheap in a few areas.

The RF remote apparently has very limited range and has problems getting through walls. The music system lags a bit at times and there can be a delay of 5 or 6 seconds between tracks and it can take up to NINE SECONDS for a chosen track to be found and begin playing. This is probably due to the device caching data to prevent playback interruption but, for a home music system, this just isn't good enough. Clearly this device just doesn't optimise bandwitch suitably.

Back to the drawing board. The Sonos is a great product but, unfortunately, it has a price to match.

  1. 1) Bob Obringer Said: (12/05/2005 16:06:56 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Home Audio - Update

    Not sure if you need something more advanced... but the most simple, and inexpensive way to do this would be Airport Express and AirTunes.

    { Link }

  2. 2) Ben Rose Said: (12/05/2005 16:10:37 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Home Audio - Update

    Thanks Bob, unfortunately AirTunes is single zone and you have to listen to the same music on every connection. It also has to be controlled from the PC removing flexibility.

    Would be nice to get the Creative kit on sale or return. If I liked it I would keep it.

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