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Tuesday 10th May, 2005
Just by chance, I came across a solution to some of my home audio plans yesterday.

Since long before the day I was given my iPod I considered ripping all my CDs and having a centralised music library but, when it came down to it, I couldn't see much benefit for the time it would take. Then I got the iPOD which offered an easy way of ripping my music from CD, looking up all the artist/title information and then storing it in an easily manageable library.

So now, just for the sake of the iPod, I'm building up a centralised music repository. Indeed, I've even started purchasing music from iTunes! I've been toying with the idea of how to best exploit my new music library but many of my avenues are failing either on cost of convenience grounds.

Enter the Creative Labs Soundblaster Wireless Music device which "gives you the freedom to play all of the MP3 and WMA music on your PC in another room of your home over your existing 802.11b or 802.11g wireless network."

Essentially the Soundblaster WM allows me to tap into my existing music library using a wireless client and outputting the sound via standard phono/RCA jacks or optical digital. A quick install of the creative software on your library machine allows it to stream your MP3/WMA music to up to 5 wireless nodes. An RF remote with large LCD screen allows for full control of what's playing whilst, as infrared isn't in use, line of site isn't required. This allow me to use it as a music source for my Bose lifestyle unit whilst still leaving it in the cupboard behind close doors.

One Problem - iTunes used proprietary AAC endoding and Apple's DRM. I actually thought this would ruin the whole plan, but alas no. Today I checked the options within iTunes and, instead of AAC, I can rip directly to MP3. So I will rip (and re-rip) my library to 192kbps MP3 files with standard ID3 tags which will be usable on my iPod without problem. I will then store my iTunes library on my server and share it with the Creative streaming software.

The end result...a centralised music library containing all my CDs accessible from a wireless remote in any room. With a quick click in iTunes I can copy any tracks to my iPod for use offline. The only thing I need now is a solution for the car, probably just a 3.5mm jack to cassette adaptor for the head unit in the Lexus. Thankfully Lexus still supply cassettes alongside CD changers in the dash.

I previously looked at Sonos home audio solutions, recommended by Gareth Cook,  but the lack of resellers in the UK made them not so cheap to import and prohibitively expensive.

Sonos comes to Europe. Maybe I'll delay that thought a little.

  1. 1) Declan Lynch Said: (10/05/2005 14:26:46 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Home Audio

    I would also suggest HYMN to convert the stuff you have purchased in the itunes music store into an unprotected format, this will allow you to convert to mp3 also for use with the wireless player.

    Another great bit of software is PodPlayer ( www.ipodsoft.com ). It alow you to listen to your ipod from any windows pc without needing itunes installed and has an extract feature so you can pull all the music off the ipod incase your central library ever crashes.

  2. 2) Paul Mooney Said: (10/05/2005 23:33:36 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Home Audio

    Dont forget you can get the Radio broadcaster add on for the ipod and tune your car stereo into the station. Saves messing about with the wires

  3. 3) Ben Rose Said: (11/05/2005 08:31:41 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Home Audio

    Declan - Good tips, thanks.

    Paul - Radio quality is very poor compared, not really an option I'll be looking at I don't think.

  4. 4) W Walker Said: (22/07/2005 16:23:18 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Home Audio

    The big caution on the Soundblaster Wireless Music is the support from Creative Labs. I find the unit to have the features I wanted and have been very pleased with the unit. I asked for support a couple of times from CL and have found them to be useless. I'd go with Sonos except I can't see paying 5-6 times what the WMA sells for. Unless you're totally ready to go on your own, stay away from Creative Labs products.

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