How Do I Become a Member?

Monday 31st October, 2005
Naturally, we're getting a lot of requests at this point from people who would like to become members and want to know how.

Membership will give you access to many planned "private" areas of the website such as the online forums, which will require a login/password combination for authentication. But first, you'll need to register for the site.

Membership and registration are currently completely free of charge and, should we introduce a fee at any point in the future, pre-registered members will be offered special pricing.

To register, please send an email to members @ (remove the spaces) including the following details:

Your Name:
Your company name:
Your job role: Admin, developers, consultant, contractor, sales, marketing etc.
Where you are based: No full address required, just a town/county.
Which regional branch you'd like to belong to: NW/SE/SW/NE/Midlands/Scotland
Your desired login name: we're pretty flexible - you'll be able to manage your own password later.
Where you heard about LNUG: e.g. web search,, etc.

Please also answer the following questions

I am joining LNUG as:

a) an employee of a company that uses Lotus Notes
b) an individual that appreciates Lotus Notes
c) A sales or marketing person that sells in the Notes market.
d) A consultant/contractor that sells Lotus Notes services.
e) A potential advertiser/sponsor of LNUG in the UK.

Multiple answers are allowed, just let us know all that apply.

Also, if you'd be interested in offering a venue for a future meeting, maybe a conference centre or meeting room to which you have access, please let us know.

So who's going to be member #1?

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