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Tuesday 28th March, 2006
A few weeks ago I received an email from a vendor interested in sponsoring the LNUG website and advertising their products/services to our member audiences. This isn't a rare occurence so I acknowledged the email and I put in on file for future reference.

2 weeks on and I receive another "cold call" email enquiry. It's almost like the guy doesn't have any record of our email just 2 weeks before.

Hi Ben,

I have been surfing your website the other day and it looks really good.

Is there a way we can do some form of sponsoring, something not too 'sales like'. But something that allows to create positive awarness of our tools.

Note the "not too sales like" quote here, today things have changed up another gear when I discovered that I appear to have been added to their generic mailing list for marketing spam. I was the unfortunate recipient of a "news flash" for their mail analyzer tool.

I have a mail analyzer tool, it's me...and it sees your email as spam and totally unsolicited. As unsolicited email is illegal in the UK and the biggest pain in the ass for administrators like myself., how can you honestly expect me to recommend a product/company to the user group on this basis? If you simply spam to death every address in your CRM system without prejudice you're going to get nowhere.

In summary you have zero chance of getting my members contact details and zero chance of getting on our website.

The only way you'll get a mention by name on this site is if you send me any more marketing drivel, I'm not afraid to name and shame.

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