IBM Passport Advantage Update

Wednesday 19th January, 2005
Well, 24hrs on and still no reply to my email :O(

UPDATE 17:38

At 11:37 I sent:

Any reply to this, it's been a further 24hrs since my email.



And now I have a reply. Unsurprisingly all the details for me are (still) on the system wrong. Could I resend them and they will fax me details. IBM email is on more desktops than any other product, yet they still have to fax me?!?
It's now fax.

  1. 1) Matej Golob Said: (16/02/2005 13:52:28 GMT) Gravatar Image
    IBM Passport Advantage Update

    Hi .. I work for IBM and I know how you feel. I fight this "you have to fax us or else" everyday ... Makes me nuts. It does not make sense.

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