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Tuesday 18th January, 2005
Is it just me?
After receiving my Passport Advantage details in the post last week, I attempted to sign-on to the website.

The website informed me that I needed a "Temporary Passport Advantage User ID" and passcode, neither of which I had been issued. I was told I would need to call eCustomerCare which I did a week ago.

After following an overly complex telephone menu system and waiting on hold I finally got through to a human being. After spending a very difficult 20minutes on the phone to the advisor who struggled with even basic English language such as taking down my phone number I was told that my ID would be emailed within the hour and the passcode would be sent via fax.

A week later, nothing has arrived and I really don't have the patience to make another call. I trust this can be resolved via email. Please let me have these details without delay. My name and company name are below and as I am the Primary Site Contact I trust this is sufficient to lookup my details without me having to relay site number/agreement number etc. from a letter you sent me all over again.

This isn't really the first impression I expected from a scheme run by a company with the reputation and respect that IBM carries. I hope we can resolve this swiftly without any further hassle for myself.



  1. 1) Jerry Carter Said: (18/01/2005 15:46:24 GMT) Gravatar Image
    IBM Passport Advantage

    No, not just you. Everytime I try to log into the site to download something, my password has expired. I tried ordering promotional and research/demo materials on line, and well, that was several months ago and nothing has arrived in the post.

    IBM is like a mainfram that has been setup to run all the latest software and virtual servers with optimum performance... and the user interface is a Commodore VIC-20... which relays information to the system via Cassette media.

  2. 2) Tom Yerex Said: (21/04/2006 00:05:26 GMT) Gravatar Image
    IBM Passport Advantage

    I am 8 months into my Passport Advantage agreement and I have never had a worst customer experience in my 25 years of technical work. I like the product (Lotus Domino), but IBM's "Passport Experience" is seriously making me consider alternatives.

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