IBM Workplace Services Express

Thursday 27th January, 2005
After all the talk of IBM Workplace at LotusSpere this week (wish i was there) I thought I'd have a look and see how easy this thing was to setup.

It seems you need to download 3 CD's worth of data if you don't have them already. A search on the IBM Download site for the words workplace and express displayed the right files. For me on Win/32 it was packages C80DXML.exe, C80DYML.exe and C80DZML.exe.

I downloaded these packages, unzipped them all to the same folder and then ran the setup batch file. Setup took AGES (albeit on a P4 desktop machine) and takes 3.3GB of disk space.

After install I tried to start services but ended up with an abnormal program termination. One reboot later and all is working fine, but the memory consumption is immense. On my preliminary test desktop box with 768MB of RAM I could just verify that it wanted about 2GB of RAM and that it worked without issue albeit slowly. I'll now allocate space for an installation on some proper test hardware.

This isn't Workplace Express Services 2.5 (only 2.0) and doesn't have the Notes/Domino plug-in just yet. I just thought it made sense to get acquainted with Workplace Services before dabbling deep into Notes/Domino integration.

If this product is as good as it looks I may well be considering a Workplace client roll-out for my Domino 7 backend instead of Notes 7.

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