If Vowe went to Burger King

Saturday 16th September, 2006
A few years ago in the UK we had an advert for Burger King fast food restaurants that expressed that at BK you have "have it your way".

The TV commercial revolved around the theme that the menu wasn't entirely fixed. You want bacon on your burger? Sorted. You don't want cheese but would like onion...no problem. You can have it your way, any way you like.

I draw a parallel here to open source software. You don't like the way the vendors make their software? Fine, use open source...have it your way. You want to interface with something else? Fine, just write a connector for our open source design. You really can have it your way...or can you?

In this example, (http://vowe.net/archives/007666.html)  Volker Weber clearly wants to run his mail his way. He doesn't want to use proprietary servers that constrict him, he wants to use his free open source systems that allow him all the flexibility it deserves. Or do they? Can he have it his way? Clearly not.

So I present to you...if Vowe went to Burger King...

Counter: Welcome to Burger King, may I take your order?
Vowe: Yes, I understand I can have it my way?
Counter: Yes, no problem sir.
Vowe: Einfach klasse!
Counter: Excuse me?
Vowe: Sorry, it's German. Do you not understand German?
Counter: Sorry, we don't...this is Burger King in the UK, we only understand English.
Vowe: But I thought I could have it my way?
Counter: Sorry sir, I don't understand German. May I take your order?
Vowe: Yes, I would like a Big Mac, some onion rings, large fries and a portion of hot wings.
Counter: Sir, this is Burger King, we don't sell Big Macs.
Vowe: But I came here because I can have it my way!
Counter: Sorry sir, we can't sell food from McDonalds, you'll need to go there if you want a Big Mac.
Vowe: But I prefer the fries here, and they don't sell onion rings. Why can you not sell me a Big Mac?
Counter: Sorry sir, McDonalds won't supply us with Big Macs; it just doesn't fit their business model.
Vowe: Why not? This is Burger King and I chose you as my supplier of services because you were open and I could have it my way.
Counter: I'm sorry, but you are limited to the choices on our menu; I cannot do any more than that.
Vowe: But you could cook a Big Mac? You have burgers and lettuce and buns and a grill.
Counter: Sorry, we just don't have the ingredients. It's special sauce, not open source.
Vowe: It's just not good enough, everything should work MY WAY!
Counter: Sorry sir, would you like another coffee refill?
Vowe: Yes,  and the Hot Wings.
Counter: But sir, they are from KFC.
Vowe: Are you just playing dumb?

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