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Tuesday 1st November, 2005
I was pinged by Chris Linfoot to ask if I would mind hosting a little Nortes web application for him, not a problem at all...but then he asked if I minded tightening up my server security config a little bit first. It was at this point, I opened a chapter in the admin guide I hadn't really looked at in much detail before.

Basically, during testing, Chris discovered that opened without a problem. Whilst this wasn't a major issue, it just didn't feel right. Likewise, would open his application. In both cases, as the base URL was wrong, there were small UI issues too.

The solution, I was informed, was to change my server configuration and use Internet Site documents. These wouldn't just affect http access, but also smtp, pop3 and imap so it wasn't a quick change; I needed to plan carefully.

In the end, once I'd worked out what the hell i was doing and planned it through it didn't take too long to implement. By adding the URL substitutions Chris suggested I could even dumps the .nsf suffixes from my site URLs but also maintain backward compatibility for any existing bookmarks or google links.

So now, another box checked in my admin knowledge and is now simply and just doesn't work. I like it and so do all the other hosted sites. Thanks Chris.

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