IONET FT Search Manager

Friday 19th May, 2006
Image:IONET FT Search Manager
IONET, a Wellington, New Zealand based company specialising in Lotus Notes and Domino solutions has become the first vendor to sponsor a promotion on the LNUG UK website after giving a most generous donation to our charity. Peter Smith of IONET tells us:

"Searching for the Notes client just got better. The
IONET FT Search Manager searches up to 50 databases at the same time, regardless of database location. That means each user can define what they want to search, each time they search. For example that could be all their local mail archives, plus their server-based mail file, plus their usual document repositories etc. The results per database are accessible as they arrive.

Also, at last you can just hit Enter to start a search (rather than clicking a button or tabbing to a button and hitting Space). You can also use 'google-style' queries (notes +search -"domain search"), as well as Notes style (notes and search and not "domain search"), customise the search results, search local databases securely, search within results and a host of other things.

So if you're still searching everything in the environment using Domain Search (or wincing at Search Site), target your searching instead - download the demo and see what you think (suggestions for improvements are always welcome)."

Sounds like a great tool and it's now helping to fight cancer too. Thanks Peter.

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