It’s The Weekend

Friday 4th November, 2005
Well, for all my non-European readers I'd just like to say that it's now officially the weekend here and I'm already sat at home drinking a nice cold beer...enjoy the rest of your day ;O)

This weekend in the UK we celebrate the 5th November....Bonfire Night. This celebrates the failure of the "Gunpowder Plot" to blow up the Houses of Parliament and with the King and the politicians within.

The team of plotters were led by one Guy Fawkes so to celebrate we burn a doll dressed up to look like him on the evening off 5th November often known as Guy Fawkes Night. Either way, it usually involves beer, burgers, hotdogs and traditional hot roast chestnuts cooked on an open fire...or just a baked potato if you're on a diet.

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