iTunes 4.9

Tuesday 28th June, 2005
Can't believe I've beaten Ben Poole to some Apple news, but here it is!

iTunes 4.9 is out and downloadable from The UK site still only lists 4.8 but I guess it will be there tomorrow.

With iTunes 4.9 you gain some podcasting support which will be useful for those that use it, whoever they are...Bruce!

UPDATE: It seems the iPod phone is on the way, unfortunately designed by Motorola.

  1. 1) Ben Poole Said: (28/06/2005 23:54:44 GMT) Gravatar Image
    iTunes 4.9

    ;o) I won't comment on 4.9 for a while yet. I knew it was coming, but I like to ensure JHymn still works OK before updating iTunes... besides which I don't really listen to podcasts at the moment.

    Re the phone, that's been a rumour for a long time, and Motorola have always been in the picture. I think a lot of the earlier Motorola phones were cack, but the Razor and related models are very nice... Put it this way, if the iPhone rumour pans out, I can't see Apple putting their name to something that hasn't been VERY well designed, can you?

  2. 2) Ben Poole Said: (28/06/2005 23:55:48 GMT) Gravatar Image
    iTunes 4.9

    BTW, when I posted that comment, I got a standard Domino "form processed" page... I wonder whether your $$Return field and / or comment processing agent has gone doolally?

  3. 3) Ben Rose Said: (29/06/2005 09:38:44 GMT) Gravatar Image
    iTunes 4.9

    Yes, got a few template issues right now. Will be fixed soon and I'll be adding a trackback feature at the same time.

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