Jaffacake Mail Template

Tuesday 12th April, 2005
I'm currently developing a new mail template for internal use here.

It will contain many of the features of the OpenNTF Mail Experience template, but will be based on a 6.5.4 compliant template base. This will allow for many of the new 6.5.4 bug fixes and also the new lighter and faster Domino Web Access (iNotes) interface. Due to support demand I'm unable to use the OpenNTF template as it is supplied and need to ensure I can keep the template code in line with my clients/servers. Without strict version control I can't deploy a mail template.

If this template might be of use to you, let me know.

UPDATE: Jaffacake Mail Experience 6.5.3 is available on request. This was previously known as the OpenNTF Mail Experience 6.5.3 OF2 template.

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