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Thursday 9th December, 2004
Posting from the Gossiptel forum:

I'm relatively new to VoIP and Gossiptel, but have been using the service via the Softphone for a little while. It works, but as my microphone/speaker setup is poor, I've gone for the Sipura 2000 adapter option. My list of problems:

1) Since upgrading to the World 500, service I was issued an 0208 number but it doesn't work at all.

2) The 0870 number has also since stopped working.

2) The Sipura 2000 arrived today preconfigured, but doesn't work at all. I've got it all on the LAN etc. ok, it just won't register and therefore I can't make calls or get a dial tone. If I enable the "make call without reg" option, I get a dial-tone and can call 150.

3) My softphone still dials out, but only to UK landlines, not mobiles.

4) Since upgrading to World 500, my £5.00 in credit appears to have dissappeared. I now have 500mins credit and zero pounds. I'm guessing this is the reason for the problem in 3) but I should have £5 available.

Any help on getting this thing working would be appreciated.

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