Wednesday 23rd March, 2005
I just sent an email to the company Daily Bread who are one of the biggest pre-packed sandwich suppliers in the UK. They even supply Buckingham Palace by Royal Appointment  apparently. My query concerns salad...specifically lettuce. I'll let you know of any feedback I receive.

I work in one of the many offices served with sandwiches provided by "Daily Bread" each lunchtime. I notice that on your website you encourage feedback so here I am.

I don't like lettuce, can't eat it...won't eat it. Nearly all of your sandwiches, regardless of type,  come with a layer of lettuce. Whilst I recognise that most of the population eat salad, some think it's healthy and some even seem to like it; there isn't much choice for those that don't.

I find myself limited to the pricy Smoked Salmon, cheap and cheerful Plain Ham or my favourite Turkey & Bacon Mayo.

My issue comes from the labelling, something you're fairly proud of on your website. Many of the sandwiches clearly show the presence of lettuce, yet many do not. It seems you label up to 3 ingredients of the sandwich and, regularly, it's the lettuce that's left off. My Smoked Salmon sandwich today clearly stated that it contained "black pepper, lemon juice, oatmeal bread" yet the Sausage & Onion sandwich fails to mention lettuce whatsover. Without closely examining each sandwich to see whether there's any green layer in the bread it's pretty hard to tell.

So my main request is for clearer labelling of salad containing sandwiches for salad dodgers like myself.

I'd also like to request a review of what sandwiches actually contain salad. Whilst lettuce is pretty appropriate in BLTs and other salad type sandwiches, is it really essential in so many of them? I long for a Tandoori Chicken sandwich without lettuce and to find a All Day Breakfast sandwich that contains lettuce is almost an insult. Does anybody in the world have lettuce for breakfast? If not, why is it in the sandwich?

I'd appreciate any feedback you have on this



  1. 1) Richard Schwartz Said: (24/03/2005 04:47:05 GMT) Gravatar Image

    I'm a fellow lettuce non-eater. Back before I went low carb and gave up sandwiches entirely, I routinely removed the unwanted rabbit food from my sandwiches. I have, however, never bothered to write to any sandwich makers. It honestly never occurred to me to do so. Until now ;-)


  2. 2) Dave Harris Said: (24/03/2005 10:43:05 GMT) Gravatar Image

    Absolutely with you on this Ben, I can't stand lettuce in sandwiches. As part of a salad, fine, but if I want a salad for lunch (yeah, right, how often's that going to happen)I'll have a salad. What I don't want is some soggy green stuff make making my bread limp and soggy as well.

    You're right on the labelling issue as well. If I see Cheese and Pickle on the label, I want cheese and pickle, a "spread" of some sort, not that there's any chance of actual butter, and bread. That's it. The worst one for me is beef and horseradish. With that little green free gift that takes me ten minutes back at my desk to pick out and chuck away.

    Keep us updated.

  3. 3) Notes Guru - not ! Said: (24/03/2005 17:14:23 GMT) Gravatar Image

    Have a bloody pie boy !


  4. 4) Ports Said: (25/03/2005 00:15:24 GMT) Gravatar Image

    "... All Day Breakfast sandwich that contains lettuce is almost an insult. Does anybody in the world have lettuce for breakfast?"

    Ha ha ha. Excellent. This really reminded me of when I worked with you in Lotus Support. Were you arrogant, stroppy and opinionated? Of course - but now as then, you also happen to be totally right :-) Good work Fella.

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