Liteon LVD-2010 DVD Netplayer

Sunday 21st August, 2005
Yes, I've bought another  new toy...this time the Liteon LVD-2010 DVD Netplayer.

DVD players are coming down in price all the time, so what makes this one worth £100? has an ethernet port on the back.

So, you have a cheap and cheerful DVD player that will also interface to Video files stored on a PC. XVid/MPEG4/DIVX files can be played directly from your PC on your TV set without any need to burn them to a disc first. The result is not only convenient but also much better quality as the video stream doesn't need to be re-compressed into vob or videocd format.

Some media server software is installed on your Win32 machine of choice and you're good to go. OK, the install wasn't perfect and I had a few issues to workaround. If you buy one of these you'll no doubt get an error message "LMS services could not startup! (L935)" for no apparent reason. Thanks to Gareth Cook for telling me how to fix the error...which was actually a java problem.

Aside from the Java, the media server software doesn't appear to support a UNC for a path name which caused some issues finding my videos. One mapped drive later...sorted.

So now I can play any downloaded video...on my tv...immediately without burning a disc. Just what I needed.

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