Liteon LVD-2010 DVD Netplayer

Sunday 21st August, 2005
Yes, I've bought another  new toy...this time the Liteon LVD-2010 DVD Netplayer.

DVD players are coming down in price all the time, so what makes this one worth £100? has an ethernet port on the back.

So, you have a cheap and cheerful DVD player that will also interface to Video files stored on a PC. XVid/MPEG4/DIVX files can be played directly from your PC on your TV set without any need to burn them to a disc first. The result is not only convenient but also much better quality as the video stream doesn't need to be re-compressed into vob or videocd format.

Some media server software is installed on your Win32 machine of choice and you're good to go. OK, the install wasn't perfect and I had a few issues to workaround. If you buy one of these you'll no doubt get an error message "LMS services could not startup! (L935)" for no apparent reason. Thanks to Gareth Cook for telling me how to fix the error...which was actually a java problem.

Aside from the Java, the media server software doesn't appear to support a UNC for a path name which caused some issues finding my videos. One mapped drive later...sorted.

So now I can play any downloaded video...on my tv...immediately without burning a disc. Just what I needed.

  1. 1) Orlok_1984 Said: (05/09/2005 09:32:01 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Liteon LVD-2010 DVD Netplayer

    Hi there, found your blog via google whilst searching for the Liteon LVD-2010 DVD Netplayer, im having the same problem, please can you tell me how you solved it? Nice Blog BTW

  2. 2) Ben Rose Said: (05/09/2005 09:43:13 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Liteon LVD-2010 DVD Netplayer

    The LMS services error is a Java problem.

    Uninstall the Lite-on media server software. Now uninstall the Sun java virtual machine from your machine, or any other VM you may have installed.

    When completed, now install the Lite-on media server software. It will install it's own java platform and all will work fine.

  3. 3) Mackie Said: (23/09/2005 15:26:53 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Liteon LVD-2010 DVD Netplayer

    Of course, you could just buy a long cable and connect the computer's TV Out socket (most grafix cards have these now) straight to the computer, saving yourself £100. I do this now and it is acceptable, but have been looking for a wifi solution to avoid the annoying cables - as i understand it the Liteon Netplayer needs ethernet, so doesn't help me with this.

  4. 4) ben williams Said: (24/09/2005 23:03:56 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Liteon LVD-2010 DVD Netplayer

    hi ben,

    i have one of these bloody thiings, once i couldnt get the thing to work i shelved it. ive just found your page and now i cant find the disk with the server software on it. do you know of a url or something where i can get it?

  5. 5) Kevin Said: (29/09/2005 16:31:07 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Liteon LVD-2010 DVD Netplayer

    Hi, Just come across this site and I have a suggestion. There are a shedload of other servers that serve up to the Liteon 2010 including a good one at Also there is a very good forum at { Link } which should get you going better that the packaged software. The current version is now for sale as low as ■80 from

  6. 6) Dirk Storck Said: (02/02/2006 00:09:42 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Liteon LVD-2010 DVD Netplayer


    the software witch comes with the player is real bad but the one from neuston ist mutch better. Can I use the player with one from { Link } and if yes how do I have to configure it.

    Would be glad about a email

    Thanks !

  7. 7) David Said: (06/03/2006 03:10:11 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Liteon LVD-2010 DVD Netplayer

    Silly question: Could one use this player to record video on any of the connected PC's?

  8. 8) Sharky Said: (24/04/2006 22:04:58 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Liteon LVD-2010 DVD Netplayer

    If using a firewall What ports does the player use?

  9. 9) richard Said: (05/10/2006 23:19:15 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Liteon LVD-2010 DVD Netplayer

    Does anyone no where I can download the Liteon Media server from


  10. 10) Mark Brewster Said: (26/11/2007 09:05:28 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Liteon LVD-2010 DVD Netplayer

    I remember looking for the Liton Media Server software for ages but couldn't actually find it. Well, I did (only took me a year) and I've put it up on my website here, 33mb download: { Link }

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