Living next door to...

Wednesday 19th January, 2005
My friends?

The house next door to some friends of mine has become available. I guess it's the kind of property I'd be looking to move into. Relatively quiet location, walking distance from the shops, parking for 2 +1 cars and an extended property with sizeable rooms.

I'm currently in a one bedroom 1st floor maisonette (condo for you yanks) which is big enough for me but not really suitable for visitors or entertaining.

I've been friends with these guys for 8 or so years now, I'm godfather to their eldest and we see each other a fair amount anyway. Location wise it's just the other side of town, 10mins walk from my current place, so no real disadvantage their.

Question is, would you go and buy the house next door to some of your best friends? It's nice to see them but would being next door be almost akin to moving in? Might it be too much or a strain on the relationship? Having nice friendly neighbours these days isn't the easiest thing in the world so from that perspective it's ideal. Any comments?

  1. 1) Clara Wooller Said: (20/01/2005 12:49:38 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Living next door to...

    Do it!

    In the UK, only politicians talk about "community", but that's a very hackneyed word here which means sweet FA.

    In Spain...everyone lives real close to their friends and folks and it's a very good feeling.

    But make sure that it's a nice house first, obviously...

  2. 2) Ben Rose Said: (20/01/2005 13:02:22 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Living next door to...

    Interesting you should mention Spain. I'm currently sat in the BA lounge at Heathrow Terminal 1 awaiting my lunchtime flight to Madrid.

    It seems these net terminals are getting very popular these days but naturally there was a spare one that "didn't work". In this case it's the mouse that doesn't work make it nigh on impossible for most people to even dream of using a locked down Windows XP build. Still, I appear to be getting on just fine having learned Windows 3.11 on a PC without a mouse many many years ago.

    Not sure on that house thing, I guess we'll see.

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