Lotus Domino 7.0 (B4) Upgrade

Wednesday 13th July, 2005
Below I've documented the steps taken to upgrade my Jaffacake Domino server from R6.5.4 to R7 (Beta 4).

The process took less than an hour to upgrade which seems a lot but then you'll realise I have no less than THREE partioned server. So I upgrade 3 servers in one hour...and 2 of those are clustered! Add to that equation the fact that this is running on a slow IDE disk based server and one of the partitions is on an external NAS device...it could have been LOTS quicker.

All worked first time and no errors so far...as this new blog entry proves.


UPDATE: Forgot to uninstall Symantec Mail Security for Domino (4.1) before the upgrade...still works fine. Cool...R7 ready!

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