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Thursday 14th July, 2005
I've been reading a lot of information around the blogsphere (anybody else dislike that term?) about Lotus Notes User Group meetings taking place in many places. There's a rather professional looking global user group site at http://www.lotususergroup.org/ which contains links to some of the global user groups. There's meetings coming up in Dublin and Las Vegas which got me looking around for a UK equivalent...I didn't find one.

In the UK we have Collaboration User Group UK who focus "on the IBM collaboration products: Lotus Team Workspace (QuickPlace); Lotus Web Conferencing and Instant Messaging (Sametime); and Lotus Workplace" but there doesn't appear to be anybody who specifically focus just on the key Notes & Domino products.

With major releases like Notes/Domino 7 and Hannover on the way, there's a lot of work ahead for both Notes Admins and Developers. New abilities to lock down the client, new server functionality and integration with the Workplace suite.

I have around a thousand blog hits a day now from various sources which results in contact with people from all areas and considerable interest in my review of third party products like anti-virus  and archiving tools for Domino. These kind of topics would probably be great discussion points for a Lotus Notes User Group meeting where feedback could be received from all participants and shared with the group.

Would anybody be interested in joining a UK based user group to help share best practice and help each other towards common goals. I'd suggest the following objectives:
  • Regular quarterly meetings in a changing but easily accessible location, e.g. London, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh.
  • Themed meetings with a focal topic which will be the key discussion - e.g. archiving, R7.
  • Guest Presenters - From companies like IBM & Gartner and people who develop key Notes/Domino products e.g. RIM (Blackberry)
  • Breakout sessions - Separate sessions to keep admins, developers and strategists within the topics that interest them.
  • Have Fun - An optional evening social event after the meeting.

I'd like the UK LNUG to have membership from all areas; IBM/Lotus, Business Partners, Consultants and corporate admins/developers. End users would be welcome, along with those in charge of strategy. Resellers would be invited along to help fund the event and let them demonstrate their latest products.

I'm also considering a hosting facility. Have your personal Domino based blog or application hosted by the UK LNUG  and help fund the group instead of paying hosting charges to a 3rd party company.

So, does this interest you or anyone you know? If so, please post a comment here or drop me a line via lnug@jaffacake.net

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