Lotusphere Spam

Wednesday 18th January, 2006
Looks like Volker has beaten me to the topic just by a few minutes but I too have received quite a few 'spam' emails that are Lotus related.

As well as receiving the 'Lotusphere 2006 Test Drive' email that Vowe mentioned, I've also received other 'junk' emails including:
  • An email from the 'Notes Tool Network' who are apparently giving away a load of prizes at Lotusphere. Firstly, I'm not going. Secondly, I don't like unsolicited marketing spam
  • Another email from 'Notes Tool Network, the same as the first. - I know who passed on my address and I'm expecting them to apologise via an IM shortly before I name and shame. They may wish to apologise to their other customer too
  • A large collection of emails inviting me to add my name to a variety of different Frappr areas - These appear to have originated from the blogosphere, the Frappr Team were kind enough to tell me who from, but why did they end up in my email box. And why were the senders kind enough to put my address on the To: line along with all the other contacts. My personal, private address for 30 or so other people to share. Thankfully nobody has done a reply to all...just yet. PLEASE - If it's a blog related activity, then write about it on your blog. If I'm interested I will respond. To be honest, I expected better from the senders of these invites.

So, the shameful people above, repeat after me...'Sorry Ben!'

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