Monday 14th November, 2005
So what did you have for lunch today? Anything exciting?

Personally, I had a plain chicken sandwich (no lettuce of course), half a tube of Bacon flavoured Pringles (yes, a full size tube) and a 500ml bottle of Coke...proper coke...Coca Cola...none of this diet rubbish that still happens to have Coke on the label.

What is it with diet drinks? Why can't they come up with a new name just to avoid confusion? I used to just be able to ask for a "coke"...just a coke, nothing more. Now I'm always greeted with the response "is that diet or regular?"...fat coke of course...I'm wasting away here. I'm actually reaching the belief that Diet Coke makes you fat, it's so rare you see anyone drinking it that's not overweight.

So I'd like a regular sized, regular coke with regular many times does one have to say regular? Amusingly I used to work on the McDonalds grills many moons ago...what did we call the burgers? Quarterpounder or....REGULAR! You've gotta laugh...but not as much as when you hear somebody order a double quarterpounder, large fries and a diet coke...of course that makes all the difference.

I did actually try diet drinks once, obviously not Diet Coke of course because it's minging but different kinds of diet lemonades like Diet renamed Sprite Z. What I found interestingly was that I was hungry all the time. Mid-afternoon I'd often have a can of coke, loads of calories from the sugar hitting my bloodstream hard. When switching to Diet this didn't happen of course, my digestive juices got all excited as my tongue tasted nice sugary drink coming but instead it got flavoured water with NutraSweet. The end result was that 30mins on I was starving and ended up eating a bag or crisps (chips to you yanks) to satisfy my hunger. Instead of just easily burned off sugar, these also contain fat and other ingredients that basically made me put on weight and also spoiled my dinner.

So I switched back to sugary drinks, less snacks between meals and ready for my regular meal.

UPDATE: I've just noticed that my Smokin' Bacon Pringles are suitable for Vegetarians. I guess that makes them Kosher too. Wow...they'll be diet pringles next...ah there already is...but they taste nothing like the real ones.

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