Maddox - Second best page in the universe

Wednesday 13th July, 2005
There's this guy called Maddox, and he reckons he has The Best Web Page In The Universe. Clearly he hates blogs and he will rant about anything and everything and even had the humour to ban Websense from his site but is it really the best web page in the universe?

Well, according to a current google search, it would seem it is but I think that Google is wrong. This man has really annoyed me by ranting about my childhood (and adult) favourites such as McDonalds and Superman actor Christopher Reeve. The irony is that Maddox rants about blogs on what is, for all intents and purposes, a blog. He has become what he hates.

By writing about him, I run the risk of inflating his already blimp sized ego but there's a good chance I may end up taking his Google The Best Web Page In The World crown. After all, since writing about the Dyson ball,  that page has had no less than 291 Google hits. My Tassimo pod coffee maker posting got 242 hits and the record goes to The Brown Noise as featured on Scott Mill's Radio One show in the UK. The Google tally on that page now stands at 2 weeks!

So, what if I post of Maddox and The Best Page in the Universe? Well, with any luck, he may soon find out he isn't.

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