Microsoft Application Analyzer 2006 for Lotus Domino

Thursday 2nd March, 2006
Well, the 'red bull' software has finally gone gold.

It's out and you can download it here.

Apparently it won't work with Notes 7 so I'm going to have to downgrade to Notes 6.5 in order to test it...not exactly convenient and a little short sighted by Microsoft.

Thanks to Graham from the UK Lotus Notes User Group for the heads up.

I've decided that I really cannot be bothered to downgrade to a previous version of Notes in order to see if the MS migration tools work. I'm not a consultant or a reseller so I frankly don't care if this tool works or not. As a customer, I'm simply recognising that it won't work in my Notes 7 environment so I'll give it a miss.

I believe Paul Mooney will be reviewing shortly.

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