Microsoft battles Word PC virus

Thursday 25th May, 2006
"Microsoft could release early a patch for a loophole in its Word program that virus writers are already exploiting" writes BBC News.

All the usual, back door, compromising the machine...remote hacker could takeover etc risk and then...

"For extra protection, it said users should change an option in the popular Outlook e-mail program that uses Word as the editor for mail messages."

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't MS Word email editing a compulsory "feature" of the next version of Outlook?

That being the case, doesn't it mean that one won't be able to turn off the spread of email born viruses that use MS Word security flaws to spread?

Add into that the integration of Groove which allows peer-2-peer collaboration with little or no administrator control and we could quite clearly be in the position of a potential self destruct virus as a single infected internal Outlook client then sends viruses to all it's internal (and external!) Groove contacts.

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