Microsoft does not block MP3s on Verizon phones - THEY JUST DON’T WORK!

Wednesday 11th January, 2006
As reported on Scoble, it turns out that Microsoft isn't blocking MP3s on Verizon phones after all, they just don't work. Apparently:

"Verizon intended to support direct MP3 playback at launch, but their primary focus was over the air delivery and one of their other tech providers was unable to do direct MP3 playback by launch. They do support MP3 playback via transcoding to WMA via Windows Media 10 and are working to deliver direct MP3 playback shortly"

So basically it doesn't work, it was supposed to work, it's a bug and there will be some kinds of service pack out 'shortly'. Hopefully it's quicker to develop than the next Windows OS!

In the meantime, by pure accident of course, the phone does manage to play Microsoft  licensed WMA files, so you could port your files from mp3 to wma. Of course this will result in irreversably reduced sound quality, due to encoding in a lossy compression and also mean you won't be able to play your songs on your iPod or in iTunes any more.

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