Microsoft - No Longer ’Glitch Free’

Tuesday 24th January, 2006
In a video posted in the Channel 9 forums, Microsoft blogger Robert Scoble interviews developer Steve Ball to discuss audio in the forthcoming Windows Vista release.

An interesting article (although it goes on a bit) which covers great new features like per-application volume controls. But the interesting part for me were when Scoble and Ball started discussing Ball's new approach to 'glitch free'. It has to be quote of the day...

"one of the reason why we/I've wanted to get away from the name 'Glitch Free' is er...we do this at Microsoft all the time...we over promise and we underdeliver and umm, we have a programme for example called 'Plays for Sure'. Anytime we name something in a way that implies a promise and something will never break, the minute something soon as we call anything at Microsoft 'glitch free' we're setting ourselves up for failure"

Thanks Steve for that valuable insite into the fud we all know MS can be so good at.

Discussing the re-development of the audio system for Windows Vista, Ball talks about how they re-designing from the ground up. Even familar applications like the volume control in the tray and Sound Recorder are being redesigned. I'll leave Ball to explain why...

"[Sound Recorder] has a few little, err, problems though in that it has a one minute err limit errmm and it only saves or records to wave files so...we are shipping a replacement called Audio Recorder that finally caputers and supports wma"

Oh yes, I saw world crying out for MS proprietary WMA to be used in Sound Recorder!?!?!

Scoble: What other formats does it support?

Ball: Errr, WMA, mostly WMA but all those standard PCM as well

I think Scoble even noticed the lack of open standard support like FLAC and MP3 here.

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