More Exchange Hell

Tuesday 11th January, 2005
Following previous "Exchange Hell" stories I have read, here and here, I appear to have found another one.

After a bit of Googling I found this document in which user "danisaacs"  has an issue that causes his message store to keep unmounting itself.

So a quick peek at the application log showed the application log was full. So I cleared it. And mounted again. And then I got the error when it unmounted. The store had reached it's size limit. "Eh?", I thought. There is no size limit. Google quickly told me that the Standard Edition of Exchange has a 16GB limit. Only, I was under the impression I had installed the Enterprise Edition. Apparently, I was mistaken. :("

To fix this, I need to install the right version...and it takes 2 days to get the media to us thanks to Microsoft's anti-Piracy bullshit."

He closes:

"I've lost a lot of fights in my time. But losing the anti-Exchange one is proving to be the most painful"

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