More for less!

Wednesday 10th August, 2005
Today I completely locked my Italian Notes admins out of my Domino Directory (Public Address Book for the Dinosaur's out there).

Before they had "user create" and "user modifier" they don't
Before they had "group modifier" they don't.
Before they were server admins, now they're not.
Before they were "managers" of many group documents, now they're not.
Before they were allowed to register users with the Certificate Authority process, now they're not.

As a result, they now have MORE access than ever before.

On top of everything they could do before, they can now enable/disable roaming, reset HTTP passwords, create groups, rename users, create mail-in DBs and more. All this with no more than reader access required to the Directory!

If this sounds appealing, I suggest you talk to the guys at HADSL about their FirM product. I've fully installed it now and it rocks.

  1. 1) Christopher Byrne Said: (10/08/2005 15:12:33 GMT) Gravatar Image
    More for less!

    I am not a dinosaur! I just think NAB is more understood by everybody.:-)

  2. 2) Ben Rose Said: (10/08/2005 15:14:34 GMT) Gravatar Image
    More for less!

    Personal NAB...public directory.



    Different things, different templates.

  3. 3) Dave Harris Said: (11/08/2005 07:09:27 GMT) Gravatar Image
    More for less!

    With Chris on this one - NAB.

    Unless I'm writing to my clients' administrators, then it's Directory

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