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Wednesday 1st December, 2004
I tested the Gossiptel free services with the PC phone software. No connection problems, although struggled a little with connectivity (electronic sounding voice/crackle) on my wireless 802.11g probs on the desktop. Overall sound quality was fine for me to listen, but my callers thought it was a bit lame due to my cheap microphone.

The 0870 number worked with no problems, as did the voicemail which delivered by email shortly after message was left.

You can divert another number of your choice after x seconds, in my case a cellphone. The line goes quiet for 2-3secs during the transfer and no "this call is being diverted" message is played.

Once diverted, call quality is like a normal call.

I've now upgraded to the £9.99 package because I wanted a UK local number to benefit callers from mobiles and all inclusive packages which don't usually include non-geographic numbers. This bundles 500 free International mins so approx 2p/min and lowers other call charges outside of that to 1.5p/min.

I've also ordered the Sipura 2000 adapter to use my existing phones. The Betacom phones they sell are cheap, but realistically I want a cordless phone. There's much more choice of dect cordless devices so that's what I'll be using...I already have 2. It also means I can take the adapter with me, e.g. to a hotel, and use any phone that's lying around in that place.

Since upgrading however, my 0870 phone number appears to be dead and the new 020 number doesn't work. I've logged a call with their tech support.

UPDATE: I've fixed the problem with the 0870 number, I need to have the phone software open for it to work. This will be fixed when I have a phone/adapter. I expected the divert to work when I was offline, but it seems only voicemail works...which I had deactivated to use diversion. The 020 number is still dead though, I guess it needs to be registered on the PSTN.

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